st louis storm damage tree removal and cleanup

Call now for storm damage cleanup!

     We all know how nasty st louis storm damage can get in the mid-west.  We can experience storms bad enough that produce tornadoes that can completely level towns and cause an enormous amount of damage.  I can’t tell you how many times I have stepped outside after a long storm and seen trees down and limbs laying all over the place.  The first question I ask myself is, “how long is it going to take for me to clean all of this up!?“  Well if you are experiencing these problems, we are here to help.  We can come out and help clean up all of the tree debris that is all over the ground and help remove it from your property completely!  Don’t let st louis storm damage bring you down, just give our tree service a call, and we can send a crew out to clean up the mess for you!  In some cases, the storm damage can be pretty major, for example, a tree could fall on your house!  If this is the case we can help work with your insurance company to remove the tree.  We also have connections with home remodeling and repair companies that can come in and repair any damages that the tree does to your house.  These types of situations are generally rare for us, but it is important to engage your insurance company as soon as you can in order to expedite the process.  

we are a Storm damage tree service you can count on

     How many tree services do you know of?  Does your storm damage tree service work with insurance companies to help remove trees that fell on your house during a storm?  Well, not only do we help remove the trees and work with your insurance company, but we can also forward you to one of our sister companies that can make repairs to your home!  Be sure to contact Metro East Home Repair, the local handyman st louis for any issues or damages that you may incur from storm damage.  We are dedicated to helping you recover from any kind of storm damage that may occur on your property, so be sure to contact us for a free quote today!  Many of the local storm damage tree service companies are hard to reach and when they do return your calls, it is almost always too late.  We strive every day to return calls for our potential clients.  We know how important your time is and we do not want to waste it!  If we are not able to answer the phone during the day, we are likely on a job, but please leave a message with your name and number and we will get back with you as soon as possible so we can schedule a time to come and look at your project.  Our job is very demanding, so we will work as hard as we can to schedule you within a reasonable amount of time!