we offer tree stump removal st louis

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     Do you have unwanted stumps just sitting in your yard taking up space and looking ugly? Well we offer tree stump removal st louis services for our customers to help get rid of those unwanted eye sores.

Stump Removal Experts

    We have seen many customers attempt to burn out stumps to get rid of them, and this can take quite a long time to do. You would need a strong and hot fire burning for many hours to achieve this, and it is not really practical to go this route. We have teams of contractors that can come out and remove your tree stumps in a short amount of time. A tree stump grinder is a tool that we use in order to remove the stump. Once the grinder is in operation, it will essentially chip up the stump while it is in the ground turning it into mulch and dirt, which will compost in no time! Our tree stump removal st louis team is efficient and ready to remove your stumps for you so you can work on creating a beautiful lawn. You will no longer have to mow around these stumps, which will greatly improve your mowing time, and it will also improve the beauty of your lawn.

Stump Removal Professionals

   Tree stump removal is not that complicated of a task, but it requires some knowledge of the equipment used to remove a stump. It can take many years for a stump to naturally decay and compost on it’s own. Utilizing a stump grinder will chip the stump into small and easy to handle pieces. These small pieces are much easier to compost over a short period of time. If you decide you are wanting us to remove the wood chip pieces we can do that and replace it with top soil so you can immediately plant grass in the area. This solution is faster, but is more of an expensive option to remove all of the wood chips and bring in fresh top soil. Call today to schedule an appointment for one of our tree experts to come out and give you a quote for your tree stump removal project!