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Are you worried about the safety of your home because of the dimensions of the trees? To remove safely and effectively dangerous trees or limbs from your property, call the local tree services. We provide a range of tree-care services within the St. Louis Metro-East Area which includes St. Louis County, Belleville and Cahokia, Collinsville and Columbia. We are a family-owned business and recognize the importance of offering the best services to our communities. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience and can assist you in achieving your best satisfaction with your customers. For tree service, contact The STL Tree Pros!


Tree Services

St. Louis County residents and those living in the St. Louis Metro-East know that they can contact The STL tree experts for any tree-related issues. We are insured, licensed contractors that work with a team comprised of trained experts to perform their work in your home or at your business. We are pleased to provide an array of services to the people of this region. We provide:

  • Complete Tree Care for the Tree

  • Tree Removal

  • Trimming trees

  • Tree Shaping

  • Stump Removal

  • Grinding Stump

  • Storm Damage Removal

Complete Tree Care for the Tree

Everyone in the St. Louis region love trees. What happens when something is harming the health of trees? What can you do? We have arborists certified by The STL Tree Pros who can offer tree care services that ensure the growth and health of all types of trees that are in our region.


Tree Removal

Sometimes, it’s an idea to cut the tree down. We provide tree removal services that are secure and effective, yet won’t harm your landscaping. For commercial and residential customers, we can take care of trees of all sizes. To get a no-cost consultation regarding your tree removal needs we invite you to contact us.


What is the price of the removal of trees in St. Louis cost?

It’s not an easy job to provide you with an estimate of the project. The cost of tree removal St. Louis is dependent on a variety of factors. It is crucial to consider the ease with which the tree will be reachable. It could be an expensive removal if your tree is situated in a backyard protected by fencing. Tree removal is a risk and it is essential to conduct a risk assessment to ensure the security for everyone involved. The situation could cause tree removal that requires an extensive crew and a lot of time. Also, we must consider the distance between power lines. If your tree is in danger of causing damage to power lines in certain circumstances, you might be able to call your local utility company to find out if they’re capable of removing and trimming the trees. The cost of tree removal St. Louis is much cheaper if the utility firm can assist. Also, we consider whether the tree should be taken down or if it’s better to have it cut. A lot of times, homeowners think that their tree is dead and contact us to remove it. We arrive on the scene and discover that the tree is still in good shape. But, it might require some trimming. Tree trimming is an simpler task that can aid in saving cash. Contact us today to get no-cost estimates on the tree trimming task you need done!

Stump Grinding and Removal

Are you fed up of having to spend more time trimming your lawn’s stumps? Are you tired of falling over and stumbling toes? To ensure the safety of everyone call our customer service to schedule an appointment for stump grinding or removal appointment. Our professional team is equipped with a stump grinder to make the stump level. This permits you to ride, walk or even mow the stump. The complete stump removal service is also offered – please call us for a consultation.

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