Tree Trimming And Pruning For Safety

Some of the things homeowners can do to improve the safety of their property is to take care of and trim their trees/shrubs. Raising and trimming Pine trees for example to 10 feet, and elevating Pines to this height greatly reduces the chance of them being affected by a ground fire. Pine bark is very resistant to fire but when fire reaches the branches it can move from tree to tree very rapidly. Fire mitigation in our area consists of removing brush and dead wood/fallen debris. Removing large patches of dead wood and high grasses is important in maintaining our woodlands. You are trying to prevent a continuous source of fuel and create defensible areas in case of a fire. Around your home most sources will say to cut things back to 30 feet from your home, we find in most cases, this is impractical and not entirely necessary. We recommend cutting trees back off your home to where there are no longer overhanging branches and again trying to raise all limbs to that 10 feet mark. Any shrubs that grow against your home should be removed due to the risk of a fire hazard. Try to use rock instead of mulch for ground cover around your home to reduce flammability and the risk of termites. Always remember even if you do it yourself, The STL Tree Pros are here to help you get rid of all that debris.

Shrub trimming is a large part of your landscape’s overall appearance. Whether you like things pruned tight and formal or more naturally trimmed. We will work with you to achieve the look you want. Call us today for shrub trimming services in the St. Louis and Metro East area.

Tree Trimming and Pruning to Protect Your Home

The STL Tree Pros is a company that you can always trust.  We will provide quality tree services at an affordable price. We follow all of the A.N.S.I. standards when tree trimming or shrub trimming in the St. Louis and Metro East area.

With proper structural pruning to create good branch architecture, you will be reducing the risk to your home and structures while increasing the beauty of your property. Clearance pruning and proper tree cutting is also crucial for a safe area around your trees to avoid overcrowding and growth damage. Crown pruning in older trees involves the removal of dead and decaying branches, in addition to a light crown thinning that will greatly improve the overall health and aesthetics of mature trees.  This process will help reduce the spread of disease and illness. Crown reduction can be used in certain situations to improve the view and to reduce the overall size of a tree. This should not be confused with topping – which is a technique not practiced by a certified arborist!

Call The STL Tree Pros for a FREE consultation with a certified arborist to determine the tree trimming services, tree pruning services, crown pruning or crown reduction that your plants and trees require. We serve the St. Louis and Metro East area.


In all trees, the removal of dead, diseased, and broken branches helps to reduce the risk of death and decay. Our certified arborists will work with you to determine the type of pruning your trees require. Young trees require good, structural tree pruning services regularly to ensure their shape and health for the future. Having a trained professional determine the proper pruning method for your particular tree is very important. Pruning fruit trees is a task that needs to be done yearly for many reasons.  Pruning of fruit trees should be completed by a certified arborist to ensure that your trees will produce fruit every year and to stay healthy.

Trimming or pruning.  Both of these terms are correct, and it is important to the health of your tree as well as its ornamental and aesthetic value. The removal of dead or damaged limbs from your tree helps insure they do not fall on your home or worse, your family. Damaged limbs that break off and leave a stub can never properly heal, and present an entry way for disease and decay to take over the tree.  We like to clean up these broken stubs and seal them properly to help reduce the risk of disease.

Trimming your tree for good structural health when it is young can prevent a great deal of hardships down the road. The establishment of good scaffolding branches and a strong central leader should be done in the first ten years of the tree’s life after planting. Don’t worry though, it is almost never too late to properly trim your tree. Corrective pruning can solve a lot of problems, even if your trees have been neglected and forgotten about for some time.

Have our certified arborist evaluate your trees for health and structural soundness today.

Plants and trees help to improve the overall aesthetics of your home or business.  This overall aesthetically pleasing view will increase the curb appeal of your home especially in this highly competitive real estate market.

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